Preface from John Matheson

Speach for the vernissage Georges Kobylansky

1985 Orangerie Benrath Castle



The art work of Georges Kobylansky has been developped out of the subconsciousness.

The gestures of arms and hands are leading to an organic world of images, which is not made according to nature but such as nature.


He is an artist of informal art, the kind of art, which is coming from surrealism and under the usage of automatism became an own indipendent movement. With dynamic motion and spontaneous gestures art works are maturing with the progress of shape and form.


The three dimensional illusion mirrors the various means of expression, where mostly poetical and musical roules have been transfered into sculptural work and sistematically developed.


The art work of Kobylansky is born within the speed of the working process. 

But the truth is that his work is a slowly and gentle exploration of structure and shape, which reminds vegetative as well as arranged patterns.


Situated in a moment out of time, which seems to be decided in a subjective way.

Only with permanent control it is possibile to create the effect of such spontanous art work, during the process and development the condition is always checked and reflected, which is always including the possibility of a rejection such as a confession of a failure. Because a modification or correction of the existing work at this stage is impossible as it would destroy the spontaneous and unique structure of the art work as well as the unity and freshness of the texture.


This leads to macroscopic works, which limited by the border of the art work, are showing only a section of an even bigger world, such as microscopic selection to demonstrate details which seemed not really apparently visible presented as a single example in front of us.


His art work, frequently with colorful and strong colours, sometimes also in a fine and pasty coulouring, are holding the volatile moment of a continuous action, during with energy and material as well as time and space became one.

This leaves our emotions a large margin, their dynamic if having effect on us and gives us the possibility to mediate on the content - connotations of the observer are allowed , he can feel free to express his feelings of what he is contemplating.


With the action of artistic creation, the painting, which has been created by an organ in subconsciousness such as hand or arm, Kobylansky achieves the organic, which has to be organised in itself, in order to become the constellation to express life.



                    John Matheson (art critics)