Little stories

1. Where are the fishes ?

Georges Kobylansky didn't give any names  or titels to his art works.


Every observer has to find out individually on his own what he is seeing in the art work, what he would like to see and what the art represents for him.


Of course during the various exhibitions the question for titels returned frequently.

Same this time, a lady was contemplaiting a typical nature like art work in green colour of Kobylansky.


The lady asked the artist: what does this art work represent ?


Georges Kobylansky answered: there are fishes.


The lady replied: fishes ? I don't see any fishes.


Georges Kobylansky: yes, they appear only when we are gone.


2. The art work as a present

At the end of the 60s / beginning 70s Georges Kobylansky was frequently taking the train between Paris and Düsseldorf.


In the summer 1971 George was once again sitting in the train from Paris to Düsseldorf and met a oung german girl 19 years old. She just passed her A-levels and spent her holidays in Paris and took the train back to Cologne.


Both had a nice conversation during the trip in the train about art and life. Georges showed her some of his art work. The time passed quickly and the girl arrived in Cologne. 6 months later for Christmas the young girl received via surface mail an art work as a present of Georges Kobylansky. Such a young girl who already had a real art work from the artist of the train !


Unfortunately the young girl couldn't thank Geroges for the present as she didn't  have the address of Georges Kobylansky and also due to the fact that he was moving from France to Germany.


40 years later the former young girl tried once again to research on Georges Kobylansky and could find out a telephone number which she called. It has been the telephone number of the daughter of Georges. The daugther was not at home, but she could speak to the  partner in life of the daugther and told her story. He listend to her story. When the daughter came back  home he told her: this story sounds really like your dad !


3. Palais Rose

1969 55 x 38
1969 55 x 38

The Palais Rose in Paris in the Avenue Foch has been built between 1896 and 1902 by Boni de Castellane, an elegant residence town palais.


Unfortunately 1969 the Palais Rose fall victim to speculative investors and has been destroyed to leave the place to a skyscraper construction.


Shortly before the demolition a painting competition took place to which Georges Kobylansky participated. Like that one of the rare representing art works of Georges Kobylansky was born.

A digger machine in front of the broken Palais Rose.


A lady from Wuppertal (Germany) attended in January 2013 an exhibition of Georges Kobylansky. After the exhibition she was so inspired by the art work she saw that she started investigating in the internet and discovered the art work of the Palais Rose.


She herself had a particular connection to Paris, a city she was living and working for several years. A friend of her even lived in the Avenue Foch, where the Palais Rose has been standing in the past. The lady was so impressed and touched by the art work of the artist in general and the Palais Rose art work in particular as well as the story. Her husband discovered the emotion of his wife and started to investigate in silence and secretly, he found the original art work of Palais Rose, bought it and give it to his wife as a present.

A gerat surprise !


Today the original art work of the Palais Rose is in a private art collection in Wuppertal.