Vita Georges Kobylansky









Georges Kobylansky was born on 18th February 1930 in Warsaw, Poland.


His father, Wassili Jakobi Kobylansky, has been an russian nobleman. His  monther, Emilia Kobylansky, unfortunately died already when Georges was 18 years old.


The aunt of Georges, Olga Kobylanska, has been a famous author an poet in the Ukrain.


Georges Kobylansky had an older sister and a younger brother. The brother was suffering of a bone disease, what was the reason for the family to move to a country with warm weather conditions.


Wassili Kobylansky was working as a cook for the embassy in Warsaw and was looking for an employment at the French embassy in Cairo. 1934 the whole family moved to Cairo.


The family was speaking at home Russian, Polish and French (language of the russian nobleness). In Cairo the family also learned the Arabic language.


Georges grew up since he has been 4 years old in Cairo where he attended the French school. At school Georges Kobylansky was learning English and as a young man also Italian and Greek. 


Georges Kobylansky studied architecture, art and music at the University Bella Arte Leonardo da Vinci in Cairo.


Georges was working various years as an architect and construction manager in Cairo as well as at the MGM Studios (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Production) as commercial graphic artist.


After some time it became more difficult for Georges to design and built those standard houses, which didn't leave any room for his creativity. His passion has always been art and painting. 


From 1961 Georges Kobylansky was working as an independent art artist.


Together with art Georges was always interessted in music, singing and film. 


Georges participated in a lot of singing competitions; his name as an singing artist in Cairo has been "Georges Petit".


He also participated in some arabic film production.


Georges Kobylansky had a big talent to get people interessted, getting their attention singing and story-telling using his charm, esprit and humour and entertaining all the people surrounding him.


As the political situation in Cario was getting worse, Georges Kobylansky moved to Paris in 1966.


From 1966 on Georges was working in Paris as a painter artist.


He also worked for the trade fair of Paris as graphic artist as well as a booth designer and builder.


1968 Georges Kobylansky met in Paris his future wife Rosemarie from Germany.


1970 Georges Kobylansky moved from Paris zu Düsseldorf (Germany). Düsseldorf has been the place they decided to live. Düsseldorf - a good place for art and artists.


In February 1971 Georges and Rosemarie got married (her maiden name: Walter).


Mai 1975 the daughter Maja Kobylansky was born. 


In the 70s and 80s until beginning of the 90s Georges Kobylansky was very dedicated at the artist association Malkasten in Düsseldorf (exhibitions and  other events of the association).


Georges participated in a lot of exhibitions in and around Düsseldorf as an solo artist as well as in collective exhibitions (see "Exhibitions").


The most important and longest creative period has been for Geroges Kobylansky in Düsseldorf, where he worked and lived for 30 years and has been firmely linked to the art scene in Düsseldorf.


During this time a lot of meetings with interessting people and other artists took place and created important impulses as well as cooperations.


Trough all this time Georges was also involved a lot with music, singing and entertaining. At the end of the 80s/beginning 90s he performed in the Düsseldorf Altstadt "Georges Kobylansky sings Aznavour".


1996 Georges Kobylansky has been registered into the Who is who Deutschland.


1998 Georges moved from Düsseldorf to Coburg / Germany.


2003 Georges moved from Coburg to the Auvergne / France.


On April 16th 2014 Georges Kobylansky died at the age of 84 in Montoldre, Auvergne / France.